Advertising And Its Development Of Graphic Design In Indian Print Media


  • Gaganjyot Kaur Oberoi
  • Dr. Kapil Chowdhury
  • Dr. Ravindra Singh


Graphic Design, Print Media, Advertising, Newspaper, Magazine.


Advertising has its charisma in the field of communication and marketing. Due to the wide competitive market, the advertising industry has developed immensely. For the demand and supply companies and marketers never hesitate to try numerous options to grab the attention of the viewers, consumers and people. In such a way some professions become the most essential part of the advertising industry; consequently, graphic design turned into the major central line of the ad. World, especially in print media. The study has drawn the line around the development of graphic design in Indian print media. The study highlights the growth of advertising, graphic designing and the category of the preexisting method of print advertising in India. These media types are being developed for ages with strength and popularity. Print advertising still has an important place in comparison to electronic media and the newly emerging technology of e-newspapers in India. The purpose of this research is to extend the analysis of print advertising and its importance. Advertisements accordingly are very trans generic and multidimensional whether it be any form or type of it. The artefacts of advertising media operate several aspects like cultural, religious, social, economic etc.




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