Writing Rules

  • Authors hold full copyright and self archiving rights, they transfer the publishing rights to the Elementary Education Online (EEO).
  • The submitted article must have not been published (printed or e-publication) before, or has not been submitted to another journal or book and is not being evaluated within the publication process.
  • The papers published in the Journal of Elementary Education Online (EEO) can not be archived in any private or public archives online or offline without permission of editors of the journal. Authors having such a permission have to use the published version of their paper.
  • Authors are not allowed to archive their article in open access repositories as “post-prints”.
  • Authors are free to use link to the published papers in web site of the journal, but can not share the published papers online or offline. 
  • Authors can not index and store the published papers in any private or public archive or repository like university database, internet archive, academia edu, researchgate etc.
  • The opinion(s) and contents of any article published in Elementary Education Online (EEO) remains the responsibility of the author(s), not of the journal itself.