Fintech Changing Face Of Banking Sector


  • Srivastava S.P
  • Mukherji R.K
  • Uniyal Amit Kumar
  • Shyam Sundar Kapri


Fintech technologies, Revolution, Segment, Fintech companies


The gradual changes in technology have changed the mindset of consumer or users which has resulted into producing impact on business and banking segment. It is anticipated that with great uses of technology has made India a technology driven economy where every solution is somewhat based on people who are tech savvy and working more on it furnish leading resolutions for the emerging problems with ease. It has also mitigated the gap between people who are under privilege and stayed untuned to financial services. The study highlights the development of fintech under the banking sector and how the beneficiaries are having ease in all kind of financial transactions and dealings. Through the study it is found that fintech provide innovative and hassle-free banking solutions to the users or account holders. Different solutions are being imparted to compete with competitors.




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