A Study On Constitutional And Legal Measures For Women's Empowerment In India


  • Ali Akhtar
  • Pallavi Tiwari
  • Swati Sawan


Women Empowerment, Legal Provision, IPC, Indian Constitution, Women rights.


For women's empowerment to occur, they must become more knowledgeable individuals who are politically engaged and financially productive and who can make wise decisions in topics that impact them. Women need to be empowered, and men need to be educated about their responsibilities to women. Women's rights in personal labour are protected both domestically and internationally. Criminal justice, as well as service and social economics, are important considerations. Equal rights for women have been enshrined in India's constitution. Despite all of these advancements, women's rights continue to be violated across the board. Throughout history, women have been exploited by a male-dominated society. Even though the legislative platform has been abandoned. The male-dominated society takes advantage of women because of the lack of effective policing




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