What Kind of Preventive Activities School Counselors Can Do About HIV/AIDS?


  • S. Gonca Zeren
  • Tuncay Ergene


HIV/AIDS, psychological counselor, preventive guidance


The aim of this study is to provide school counselors with updated information regarding
HIV/AIDS and to help them organize some activities towards students, parents, teachers and local people. What
kind of information should school counselors have in terms of HIV/AIDS and how do they implement
HIV/AIDS prevention programs at school settings? Other issues taken into consideration were what type of
information should school counselors have; what kind of activities can school counselors carry out about
HIV/AIDS at school settings; how can school counselors can work with a HIV positive student; how can the
school administration and teachers work with cases of HIV/AIDS and how can a school counselor work with
parents; what are the responsibilities of the school counselors who are working with students at local level; as a
school counselor, are you prepared to work on HIV/AIDS issues at schools




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S. Gonca Zeren, & Tuncay Ergene. (2023). What Kind of Preventive Activities School Counselors Can Do About HIV/AIDS?. Elementary Education Online, 7(1), 28–40. Retrieved from https://ilkogretim-online.org/index.php/pub/article/view/1694




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