Study On Quality Of Material Made By Waste Agriculture And Packing Paper Materials


  • Shipra Gupta
  • Vijay Kumar
  • Akash Behera


Recycling; waste agricultural; waste papers; waste packing materials; environment protection.


Traditional papers are made from the wood pulp of trees and plants. Trees are cut for obtaining documents throughout the whole world. Paper mills are the world's third-largest industry and are responsible for many types of pollution. The paper industries are responsible not only for air pollution and water pollution but also for land pollution. If we encourage people to recycle, we can also save trees and, subsequently, the environment. At the time of crop cutting, much agricultural waste is produced each day on farming fields in the whole world. Right now, no one knows how we should utilise these agricultural wastes. Similarly, the utilisation of packing materials is also a big problem. It has been experimentally proved that the quality of handmade paper may be improved
by mixing agricultural waste with the pulp of used paper. The blending of waste and agricultural material with waste paper produces good quality, smooth, and surfaced papers. 




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