A Review On Block-Chain Technology And Its Applications In Different Area


  • Anuj singh
  • Kamlesh Chandra Prohit
  • Harendra negi
  • Aditya joshi
  • Varun Kiroriwal
  • Vijay Kumar
  • Vinay Devrani


Block chain, Block chain Technology, Ledger, Applications, Business, Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, economy, Distributed, Cryptocurrency, Banking System, Healthcare, Voting System, Real Estate, BTC.


Blockchain's underlying technology, block-chain, has recently drawn a lot of attention. Block-chain functions as a static ledger that allows transactions to be carried out over a wide region. A distributed site known as blockchain is shared by computer
network nodes. Blockchain functions as a database that electronically saves data in a digital manner. What makes blockchains most well-known is the vital role they play in cryptocurrency systems like Bitcoin by preserving a safe and independent record of
transactions. Over the next several decades, blockchain technology will have a tremendous impact and the ability to fundamentally alter the corporate environment. It may change how we view how businesses operate and how our economy functions.
Blockchain is a widely used distributed ledger technology that aims to provide data security, integrity, and transparency by making it difficult for data to be stolen or changed. A significant portion of current blockchain technology research is concentrated
on how it may be applied to digital currencies like bitcoin and a few others. Only one of the research's goals is to investigate how blockchain technology is used in various environments or regions. Blockchain technology has applications in finance, government,
and a number of other sectors in addition to cryptocurrency. Accounting, business process management, and banking Therefore, the goal of this research is to assess and investigate the opportunities for current and potential blockchain technology applications




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Anuj singh, Kamlesh Chandra Prohit, Harendra negi, Aditya joshi, Varun Kiroriwal, Vijay Kumar, & Vinay Devrani. (2023). A Review On Block-Chain Technology And Its Applications In Different Area. Elementary Education Online, 20(2), 2418–2430. Retrieved from https://ilkogretim-online.org/index.php/pub/article/view/1999




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