Defending Distributed Denial Of Service (Ddos) Attacks: Classification And Art


  • Abhishek Jain
  • Anupriya Sharma Ghai
  • Divya Kapil
  • Atika Gupta
  • Bijesh Dhyani
  • Aditya Pai H


Network, Security, Distributed Denial of Service, DoS, DDoS, Vulnerabilities


There are a lot of companies operating its online businesses including ecommerce, e-banking, financial services, and other web-based services using the Internet. With the enormous increase in the number of hosts, it becomes challenging
to provide the resources to legitimate users and to protect the resources from attackers. The multiple loopholes of the Internet are being used for Distributed Denial of Service Attacks by the attackers. DDoS prevention measures quickly become
obsolete. Attack planners upgrade their tools to circumvent these security systems, and security professionals modify their strategies to handle ever changing new attacks. This paper describes the problem of DDoS attacks, the evolution of DDoS attacks, and what kinds of DDoS attacks may occur in the near future, and what protection mechanisms can be used against these attacks. This will provide a clear understanding of the DDoS attack problem and also valuable guidance for future research




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Abhishek Jain, Anupriya Sharma Ghai, Divya Kapil, Atika Gupta, Bijesh Dhyani, & Aditya Pai H. (2023). Defending Distributed Denial Of Service (Ddos) Attacks: Classification And Art. Elementary Education Online, 20(2), 2498–2509. Retrieved from




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