E-Banking: Banking Solution In Modern Era


  • Dr. Mohit Kumar Ojha
  • CA Priti Sharma
  • Rinki Farswan
  • Dr. Namrata Prakash


innovation, electronic devices, E-commerce, E-banking and Telebanking


Global change is fueled by innovation. We all have an impact on each other. Both at home and at the office, electronic devices are ubiquitous. E-commerce, in particular E-banking, is a worldwide phenomenon. Telebanking eliminates the need to visit a branch. Clients can send emails with their account information intact using electronic banking. In India as well, E-banking is widely used by the public. The Internet and ATM industries are flourishing. It's common to hear about online banking and funding for regional
development projects. It's possible to conduct online banking through phone or the Internet. Both the RBI and the Indian government have advocated for the use of electronic banking. In this regard, the present study is conducted to assess the advent of E-banking,
its uses, features and products offered by it. Study also attempts to highlight the key benefits and demerits of E-banking.




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Dr. Mohit Kumar Ojha, CA Priti Sharma, Rinki Farswan, & Dr. Namrata Prakash. (2023). E-Banking: Banking Solution In Modern Era. Elementary Education Online, 20(2), 2510–2519. Retrieved from https://ilkogretim-online.org/index.php/pub/article/view/2028




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