Quality Improvement In Healthcare Sector


  • Richa Thapliyal
  • Vjay Paul
  • Dr. Shipra Gupta


Quality improvement in health care is a significant dimension for ensuring patients’ trust and satisfaction in health services (Adler-Milstein & Jha, 2013). Therefore, any critical issue which crops up or is liable to arise in future needs to be addressed with
efficiency and effectiveness. Steps in quality improvement are a means of identifying a clear-cut set of activities which are logically arranged in a specific order and which mandate a procedural flow. It is anticipated that with the identification of steps in
ensuring quality improvement, patients will be accorded better care and treatment. Further, an explicit identification of quality improvement steps helps in finding out the critical issues which demand a proper follow-up and understanding as well as
picking up select interventions to address these critical issues in a befitting manner (Mosadegard, 2013).




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