Customer Satisfaction Of M-Commerce


  • N. Padmavathy
  • Dr.K.Baranidharan
  • B. Babu Rajendraprasad


E-Commerce, M-Commerce, Satisfaction, Services, Technology


If you’re one of the 6.378 billion people in the world who owns a smartphone, you probably already know how much your mobile device plays into your everyday life. Mobile commerce is a buzz today in India. M-Commerce is conducting business by using mobile device; it is an extension of electronic commerce. It is used to banking, buy tickets, paying insurance premium, buying gifts and recharging mobile accounts. Many companies in India started using mobile for doing business financial sector, Telecom sector Banking and Real Estate are some of the sectors using mobile commerce. In spite of M-Commerce is subset of E-commerce it has many advantages like accessible at any place, more secure and convenient. M-Commerce with features like ubiquity, convenience, personalization and timely service, it is going to be next generation mode of business.




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