China America Relation Post-Taiwan Travel Law 2018


  • Khan Faqir
  • Majid Ali
  • Muhammad Atif Shahzad
  • Dr. Bin Yamin Khan
  • Dr. Rooh ul Amin Khan


Back in March 2018,the US Passed the Taiwan Travel Law for perusing her pressurizing policies against China, which on the one hand, intensified the already fragile relations, while on the other hand, encouraged the renegades at the Chinese province of Taiwan. One
year-long parliamentary process started back in 2017,which was not under the carpet, and China knows the Pre-election phone of Trump to Tsai Ing-Wen. Still, the Chinese Government limited herself to condemnations and warnings. Keeping in view this
uncertain relation arises a question that where America wants to lead this entire situation? Having a sub-question that whither it is the component of the containment policy against rising china? Or again, the problem is going to the cold war era? This paper provides a
journalistic view of the US-Sino relation under Taiwan travel Law 2018, using online Newspapers, Governmental Press Releases, Reports, and comments of the stakeholders upon the Act. The Findings of the study suggest that the US did not care about her communique, agreements, and UN institutional decisions and will not leave any stone unturned to contain China.




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Khan Faqir, Majid Ali, Muhammad Atif Shahzad, Dr. Bin Yamin Khan, & Dr. Rooh ul Amin Khan. (2023). China America Relation Post-Taiwan Travel Law 2018. Elementary Education Online, 20(2), 1683–1693. Retrieved from




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