Stages Of Crime Under Ipc 1860


  • Dr. Shailender Singh
  • Dr. Haider Ali
  • Ms. Nimisha Sinha


Crime - I.P.C. 1860 – Law and Order – Stages of Crime


A human being's only two options in India are to survive and obey the law. Various factors such as gender, age, birth place, language, etc. India's culture is one of the world's oldest, dating back to the third millennium BCE. The cultural, philosophical, religious, sociological, and linguistic diversity of India is enormous. No one can deny the obvious: we require a society free of violence,
and the only way to achieve that goal is to keep crime under control. Even while we may not be able to completely eliminate crime from our society, we are continually striving to make it less of a problem. Only when the state enforces law and order with extreme rigour can people be free from terror and crime. Maintaining order in society is made easier by a robust and effective penal code.
Several critical phases are encompassed by the term "crime." Under the Indian Penal Code 1860, the article explains the many stages of a crime in great detail.




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