Recent Trends In Organized Crime In India


  • Ms. Kritika Singh
  • Dr. Pankaj Choudhury
  • Vikas Sharma


Crime, Assumption, Serious. Transport, Logistics, Transnational, Trafficking


The term "transnational organised crime" (TOC) refers to a wide range of illegal acts, including drug and human trafficking, drug smuggling, piracy, and money laundering. Conflict-torn and unstable nations are particularly prone to the dynamics of TOC and may provide more favourable circumstances for its growth. There are many and grave ramifications for such states. A look at how TOC has
changed in recent years and how policy might be altered to take this into account is the focus of this study. There is a growing emphasis on opportunistic networks, rather than state-sponsored cartels, in today's TOC. These networks may specialise in transportation and logistics, for example. The study suggests a holistic approach to solving the issue, which emphasises TOC as only one factor in a much larger chain of events. A re-evaluation of many present TOC assumptions and a rethinking of current policies would be required.




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Ms. Kritika Singh, Dr. Pankaj Choudhury, & Vikas Sharma. (2023). Recent Trends In Organized Crime In India. Elementary Education Online, 20(2), 1710–1715. Retrieved from




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