Opinion Of The Hon’ble Supreme Court Over Live- In Relationship And Its Legitimacy


  • Dr. Pankaj Choudhury
  • Mr. Animesh Rishi


Supreme Court, live- in relationship, legitimacy, marriage, etc.


Live-in relationships are a type of living arrangement in which an unmarried couple lives together for an extended period of time in a manner that is similar to that of a married pair. Live-in relationships are particularly common among educated urban groups as a means of avoiding the limits and disadvantages of official marriages while maintaining their independence. From planned weddings to love marriages and now to the "live-in relationship," a noticeable shift may be observed in our society. Upon closer examination of the necessity of such partnerships, it becomes clear that avoiding accountability is the primary motivation for maintaining them. In a case that reflected on the increasing prevalence of live-in relationships in India, the Court pointed out that such relationships do not confer any legal rights on either party. The Honorable Supreme Court was dealing with a claim for maintenance made by a woman claiming to
be her husband in the context of a live-in relationship that had lasted for more than a year. Cohabitation or being in a live-in relationship is frequently associated with a human rights and individualistic mindset. However, despite the fact that it is quite prevalent in the majority of western countries, the reality in India with relation to the social fabric is significantly different




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