An Overview Of India's Cybercrime And Cyberlaws


  • Ali Akhtar
  • Ashutosh Singh
  • Animesh Rishi


Information Technology, Internet, Cyber-crime, Cyberspace, Cyber law, , Punish, Cyber Law & IT Law.


As is common knowledge, we live in an age where nearly everything is done online, from everyday shopping to major financial transactions. From any location, anyone can use the internet's resources because it is considered a global stage by many. There are a few persons that use the internet technology for illegal purposes, such as gaining unauthorised access to another's network or perpetrating hoaxes. The phrase cyber crime refers to these criminal behaviours or offences related to the internet. "Cyber Law" is a concept coined to deter and/or punish online crimes. We can refer to cyber law as the component of the legal system that deals with Internet, cyberspace, and legal difficulties. It encompasses a wide range of themes, including freedom of expression, Internet access and use, and online security or privacy. It is referred to as the web's law.




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