Iot-Based Smart Farmimg System Using Soil Properties


  • Harendra Singh Negi
  • Sristi Saundraya
  • Sristi Saundraya
  • Sushil Chandra Dimri
  • C.S. Yadav


comparative, commodities, yield, immense, spraying


There are many similar concerns that rural communities in India experience in the sphere of agriculture, necessitating comparative solutions that are coordinated to address these issues. With an emphasis on agribusiness, this concept aims to investigate how well IoT technology may solve poverty in these village areas in comparison to the established demands for these goods. In order to change the farming preferences for the region's commodities and increase yield production, the study analyses samples from an internet of things. In India, the majority of the population relies on agriculture, and a sizable portion of the country's income comes from it.
One of the most important tasks for our nation, which must import vast quantities of food from other countries to meet the requirements of its people, is the automation of agriculture methods. Correctly observing the health of the field, and planning the spraying are the key challenges in rural agriculture




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Harendra Singh Negi, Sristi Saundraya, Sristi Saundraya, Sushil Chandra Dimri, & C.S. Yadav. (2023). Iot-Based Smart Farmimg System Using Soil Properties. Elementary Education Online, 20(3), 3697–3705. Retrieved from




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