Impact Of Visual Arts In Students’ Academic Performance


  • Anjali Thapa


Visual Arts, Students’ Academic, Performance Development and Achievement.


The arts have long been recognized as an essential part of the human emotional experience, which is why they are so important to our young as a safe space for these activities and more. Children have been shown to benefit considerably from art instruction in the areas of critical thinking, creative problem solving, and problem solving in general. It is not known whether children who attend art courses improve their performance in other subjects. Art education has been shown to boost children's confidence, compassion, and interest in their communities. According to the available data, the benefits of art instruction are greatest for children from disadvantaged socioeconomic situations. Art education has been shown to benefit the mental and emotional development of children of
all ages in recent years. Students' interest and motivation may be piqued and improved upon by integrating visual arts into instruction across disciplines. A variety of teaching methods have been refined in light of the study's results.




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