“An Empirical Study On Corporate Governance And Its Impact On Financial Firm's Performance”


  • Dr. Richa Gupta


“corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, CSR, CG norms, CG practices, financial firms, Indian firms”


Corporate governance is well known as one of the key implications to attract investors and build confidence in the market about the organization and overall economy of the country. It is very important to promote solid “corporate governance (CG) standards to attract investors, improve company’s performance, and reduce operation risks. Speaking of which, this study is aimed to determine the impact of corporate governance on performance of financial firms in Indian context. This study also explores the link between CG practices as well as firm performance in context of some of the key corporate governance reforms introduced since the beginning of 21st century. In order to fulfil these objectives, this study is based on primary data conducted on employees of financial firms in India using Google Forms and survey data will be analysed using SPSS software 22. The finding of this study will be significant, given the enaction of important corporate governance provisions to ensure corporate social responsibility (CSR)” to be applied to companies to meet the given profitability and turnover limits as per corporate governance regulations in the country. It will also open further research path on desirable and mandatory CG norms in India. It is recommended for Indian firms to focus on corporate governance practice when investing in CSR practices with purpose-led interventions as well as long-term benefits, instead of considering it as just another provision with short-term expenses.




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