Adoption Level Of New High Market Value Crops In Agriculture Of Assam


  • Dr. Tarun Kumar Dwivedi


Adoption of innovative agricultural practices is very much essential for speedy development of agriculture of a region. Such innovative practices including the use of modern agricultural implements, irrigation, fertilizers, HYV seeds, new High market value crops etc play a vital role in improving the agricultural production and productivity A number of physical and socio-economic determinants are responsible for the levels of adoption of these innovative agricultural practices .Like other parts of Assam, the farmers of Sonitpur district of Assam have been adopting numerous innovative agricultural practices during the recent period. Use of High Yielding varieties of crop and introduction of new high market value crop varieties are two important triumphs in regard to agricultural development of the district. The work is mainly based on primary field data collected thorough a survey of 28 sample villages of seven revenue circles of the district. Here, an attempt is made to analyse the adoption pattern of HYV seeds and new high market value crops by the farmers of the district towards agricultural development.




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