The Hybrid Learning And Teaching: A Teachers’ Perspective


  • Dr. Ajit Kr. Bohet
  • Kritika Arora


digital initiatives, hybrid models, hybrid learning, teachers’ perspective, hybrid teaching, hybrid model challenges.


The entire education system across the globe has undergone a drastic change during the period of novel coronavirus or covid-19. The online mode of education has been adopted as an effective and sounder mode for conducting classes. The alleviation and potential resurgence of the situation has led everyone to think about alternatives that widely supports education system and make it available to the vast population. Technological advancement in education sector has brought a revolution in the transaction of teaching learning in the form of flipped learning, blended learning and hybrid model of learning. Teaching models such as blended and hybrid learning has been identified and preferred for distance as well as regular courses in National Education Policy-2020. Hybrid learning is not a new concept in the field of education/ it has been used in higher education institutes, distance and open learning programmes for quite a while in India in the form of MOOC’s. Due to the prevailing unavoidable pandemic situation, it has been adopted as one of the solutions for transacting education in regular school curricula as well. The paper seeks to study the challenges faced by school teachers adopting hybrid model.




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