The Role Of Humour In Indian Advertising Commercials


  • Kapil Chowdhury
  • Mandakini Sharma
  • Sachin Ghai


Humor, Culture, Advertising, Fevicol, Five Star,


The advertising industry has approached the consumers or targeted audience through multiple elements and aspects. There are so many methods and techniques that are being applied by advertisers for the effective outcome of the products. Advertising is the main key to the commercialization of any brand/product. The emotional encounters have also been overlooked by the advertisers to add a unique approach to the marketing of the products. In these advertising methods, humor is a dominating element because it attracts
consumers through entertainment. Sometimes, the consumers buy a product on the bases of their experience of humor which is given by the advertisers through commercials. The paper aims to discuss the role of humor in some Indian television commercials as a case study. Three case studies have been selected on the bases of their popularity and brand value. The concept of satire and humor can be found in all the selected case studies. 




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