Impact Of CSR Initiatives On Enhancing Company’s Brand Value


  • Varsha Sharma
  • Dr. Sidharth Jain
  • Dr. Soni Singh
  • Mr. Love Mittal


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Brand value, Brand building Sustainability.


CSR activities play a vital role to build up strong brand reputation and favorable brand image and increase the brand value of the company. In marketing perspective, CSR initiatives are considered as an effective tool to raise firms’ reputation from consumers and their brand image; so it eventually increases the evaluation of the firm’s brand value. The new economic and social context in which companies operate requires a new way of understanding and managing the brand. The purpose this paper is to understand the implication of corporate social responsibility in creation of better brand value and its translation into the four proponents of Prabhandan-Perspective, Principles, Policy and Procedures of a company. This study expands the understanding of CSR effect on the brand value creation.




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