Recent Trends In Green HRM Practices And Its Impact On Environmental Sustainability


  • Dr. Asita Ghewari
  • Dr. Satish Pawar


Green HRM, Environmental Sustainability, Social Responsibility.


The implementation of green Human Resource Management (HRM) practices has been a key concern for organizations looking to reduce their environmental footprint. This paper examines how recent trends in HRM practices can help advance environmental
sustainability at the organization level. Drawing upon a review of the relevant literature, this paper highlights key areas where improvements in HRM practices have significant benefits for the environment and provides recommendations for strategic action.
Conducting a survey of 98 employees of HR Departments in 15 leading IT organizations in Pune City, the paper examines how the development of effective HRM practices and organizational culture can improve employee job satisfaction, which decreases turnover
and thereby reducing the costs involved with hiring new staff. The paper concludes with a discussion regarding how these findings can be applied to improve the environmental sustainability of IT firms in Pune City and elsewhere.




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