A Review On Opportunities And Challenges Faced By Startup During Covid-19


  • Gunjan Shrikant Fulzele


Covid-19, Startup, Entrepreneur.


Despite their small size, start-ups have a big impact on the economy. Because they produce more jobs, there is more employment, which leads to more economic growth. Furthermore, by promoting innovation and introducing competition, start-ups can also
add to economic dynamism. To spur innovation and create competition, new business owners can provide fresh ideas. Through more than 3,700 deals, companies have raised a total of $50 billion since 2014. There are more than 250 high-caliber acceleratorincubator systems, as well as 500 institutional and 2,000 active investors. 750,000 new employment have already been created and over 500 acquisitions have resulted from the ecosystem. Half of all active startups are based in Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Delhi-NCR,
three cities that have become major players worldwide. Globally speaking, the coronavirus epidemic is having a significant impact on businesses, but start-ups are being hit particularly severely. The coronavirus pandemic's effects are not just felt by a select few industries in India and around the world; they are felt by all economic actors.




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