Tea Tribes Community Contribution To The Formation Of Grater Assamese Society; An Overview


  • Rituraj Gogoi


Tea tribes, Society, Community, Populations, Migrated.


Tea tribe’s community is one of integral part of grater Assamese society. They lived in this land more than a century and they contributed the development of socio-economic and cultural landscape of Assam state. When British colonial ruler starts cultivating the tea plantation in southern part of Brahmaputra valley the local people refuse to work in tea gardens. Tea garden owner and colonial administration brought groups of people from the central India during the mid of nineteen century. Those migrated people mainly work in tea gardens in all over Assam and commonly known as the ‘tea tribe’ community. These ‘tea tribes’ community belong to different part of central India also they belong to different tribes but they shared common society as tea garden workers in Assam. Tea tribes’ community played major role in formation of grater Assamese society. Tea tribes’ community has significantly contributed towards the growth of economic condition of the state; also they accepted the socio-cultural norms and tradition for signify as part of this land. Currently in Assam state tea tribes’ population approximately 7 million of the total population of Assam. These huge numbers of population help to growth historically as the Assamese society.




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