An Exploration To Quality Inconvenience In Garment Industry


  • L.Nagarajan
  • K.Pradeep Kumar
  • C.Dhanalakshmi


Quality problems, Quality control, Quality Management, Garment Defects.


In apparel and Textile Industry, product quality is calculated in terms of quality and standard of fibres, yarns, fabric construction, color fastness, designs and final finished garments. In India, different garment industry follows different quality control and management system .especially, different inspection systems for garments to control the quality problems. This article contains the quality related problems accrued in the garment industry. The quality-related problems include sewing defects, fabric defects, colour defects, size issues, or garment defects like defective buttons, snaps, stitches, holes, faulty zippers, misalignment of buttons, missing buttons, cuts, stains, short zippers, inappropriate trimmings etc. Quality is of prime importance in any aspect of business. Customers demand and expect value for money. As producers of apparel there must be a constant endeavour to produce work of good quality.




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