Manifestation Of Carbon Composites In Technical Textile


  • S. Karthik
  • C.S.Gopika
  • R Loganathan
  • P.Abarna


carbon fiber, carbon composite, aerospace, automobile


In this fast-moving world development of lightweight, high-strength and durable materials are very important and one of the emerging material is carbon fibers which are strong, lightweight, low thermal expansion, fatigue resistant, impact resistant, flame
retardant, etc. Carbon fibers are mainly used to reduce the weight of material with high strength and stiffness thus they are mostly used in aeroplanes, high-speed cars, windmill blades etc. Thus the application of carbon as a composite is an evolving field
that has wide scope in the coming future. Still composite manufacturing gets problems with uniformity over the entire system and time consumption for carryout the nondestructive test to avoid the failure of the product. Thus quality assurance throughout the production is important in the production of the composite compared to other materials like steel or aluminium in this paper, the carbon yarn manufacturing the different carbon-reinforced composites application in automobiles, aerospace, and space, its quality assurance over the manufacturing process and the carbon composite market are discussed.




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