Multi Agent Knowledge-Based Erp Systems


  • Varsha Mittal
  • Preeti Malik
  • Mohammad Saad
  • Ms. Vaishally Dogra


Knowledge Management, Supply chain, Enterprise Resource Planning


ERP and information the executives are connected in that the two of them give reasonable information (products, accounts) to the right individuals (position) at the ideal opportunity. It is sensible to expect that upgrading the ERP information the board framework will help firms in accomplishing their targets. As far as procedure, this review differentiates the idea of the intelligent place of corridor three-dimensional design of the information the board framework with the ERP. Furthermore, we found that they are very similar as far as time, rationale, and information. This set up the methodology for simultaneous preparation, execution, and applications.
Then, at that point, an information-based ERP Multi-Agent Management System Model was introduced. In this paper, we discuss the most common way of fostering information the board ERP framework with multi-specialist collaboration and the impact of three ideas: the executives thinking, programming, and framework, from plan to execution.




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