The Avant-Garde Of Advertising: Concept Or Technology? A Reminiscence Study


  • Kapil Chowdhury
  • Richa Thapliyal


Advertising, Creativity, Concept, Technology, Marketing


As art, advertising has also developed itself in terms of concept, visual approaches, and criteria. The essence of advertising is creativity, which breathes life into communications about goods and services that might otherwise come across as dull or irrelevant to target audiences. In order to capture the attention of the public, advertisements are made. The insight and creativity of the
advertisers determine how effective a campaign will be; creativity helps to establish a connection between such a brand and its target audience, and the best ideas begin with a strong creative concept. The advertising concept is essentially the framework in which the campaign must be situated. Consumer advantages, the rationale behind them, and the tone of jesting phrases in campaign slogans
are crucial factors to take into account. An advertisement will be more effective if it meets characteristics like attracting interest, relevancy, credibility, and continuity. The target audience is crucial in developing a successful Concept. This
essay aims to examine the Creative Concept in Advertising Design and the reasons why it should be used in every advertising campaign to ensure success. Additionally, it examines the numerous definitions of advertising concepts as well as the methods and procedures for developing a powerful concept. Important findings include: the innovative concept drives the design, and a
strong creative concept serves as the roadmap for the entire design process. It is developed by the creative team and serves as the central theme or foundation for an advertising campaign. Once the concept has been chosen, the designer is ready to decide how to enforce it and establish his strategies. The creative  concept is the overriding message of the advertising campaign as a whole and
ties all of the campaign's adverts together with a single, coherent message.




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