Green And Smart Mobility For Sustainable Future Cities: A Multinational View


  • Navneet Rawat
  • Nagendra Kumar Sharma
  • Sushil Kashyap
  • Shyam Sundar Kapri


Green mobility, Green Transportation, Smart mobility, Smart Transportation, Future Cities.


In the last few years, rapid urbanization and development have strengthened the economies of the world remarkably. Every country indeed wants to develop its economic capabilities in near future. But this rapid development has its consequences which have aroused in recent years. Due to the rapid industrialization, increasing logistics, population and urbanization several other challenges
with many benefits have increased. The cities are becoming populous because, a large number of people migrating from rural areas to urban areas for employment, career growth and earning their livelihood. To cater the services and amenities to the people of the city it is imperative to manage and expand the resources. Therefore, the concept called sustainable future cities is in policy agendas
of many countries. Appropriate planning and implementation of sustainable future cities can easily manage the resources for public use for today and the future. Smart mobility and green mobility are the two key elements of sustainable smart cities. In the present study, the major focus has been given on smart mobility and green mobility with the help of multinational cases of future cities. The
study further highlights the issues and challenges with few significant recommendations.




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Navneet Rawat, Nagendra Kumar Sharma, Sushil Kashyap, & Shyam Sundar Kapri. (2023). Green And Smart Mobility For Sustainable Future Cities: A Multinational View. Elementary Education Online, 20(4), 4378–4393. Retrieved from




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