Design And Simulation Of Foldable Furniture In Ansys


  • Ashwani Kharola
  • Gagan Bansal
  • Divyansh Devli
  • Prakhar Pandey
  • Ritij Kuriyal
  • Shwetank
  • Avikal


Design, Simulation, Kinematics, Mechanism, Modelling, ANSYS.


This article focuses on creating space saving furniture using simulated designs in ANSYS that would aid in overcoming the concern of spacing of furniture in households as well as offices. The need of such product is increasing rapidly especially in overpopulated
countries like India where space constraint is a major challenge when it comes to housing. Considering the ongoing pandemic situation, the design has high usability for work from home as well as work from office conditions. Also, the material suggested for the
manufacturing of this design can be recycled thus reducing wastage and impact on the environment. The model of smart table has been tested and simulated in ANSYS under three different loading conditions. Results clearly indicate applicability of proposed design for both household as well as office applications




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Ashwani Kharola, Gagan Bansal, Divyansh Devli, Prakhar Pandey, Ritij Kuriyal, Shwetank, & Avikal. (2023). Design And Simulation Of Foldable Furniture In Ansys . Elementary Education Online, 20(4), 4394–4403. Retrieved from




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