Linking Workplace Ostracism And Workplace Incivility: A Bibliometric Analysis


  • Amrisha Minocha
  • Maj.Gen.(Prof.)Dr.O.P. Soni , VSM
  • Sonali Sinha
  • Harish kumar


Ostracism, Incivility, workplace incivility, Workplace mistreatment, bibliometric analysis.


Workplace ostracism and workplace incivility have since very beginning not being widely researched topic, this could be due to various factors. In this study , we have used bibliometric method to study the themes more extensively. By far some literatures have
conducted quantitative studies on the said themes but no qualitative study to the best of author’s knowledge have been conducted. A total of 140 documents extracted from socpus database was taken into study. The results highlight the growth rate of 17.93%
on ostracism and incivility. This topic has started gaining some attention from the scholars , may be because of the reason of “great resignation period” and also because in order to understand the reason for high attrition rate in some industries especially
hospitality. Most cited country being United states with 1167 total citation. Lately it was also observed that Pakistani researcher Prof. Tehreen Fatima is gaining popularity in terms of highly cited and most productive author. In the upcoming era we may also
witness more themes like abusive supervision, defensive silence, knowledge hiding an tandum with workplace incivility and Ostracism.




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Amrisha Minocha, Maj.Gen. (Prof.)Dr. O.P. Soni , VSM, Sonali Sinha, & Harish kumar. (2023). Linking Workplace Ostracism And Workplace Incivility: A Bibliometric Analysis. Elementary Education Online, 20(4), 4420–4433. Retrieved from