Exploration Of Digital Art: Painting And Technology


  • Mandakini Sharma
  • Kapil Chowdhury


Digital Art, Computer, Digital Technology, Art, Painting.


With the emergence of mankind, art has been also redefined in every decade where its criteria, approaches, and manifestation has changed and developed. From cave to canvas then followed on to digital platforms, art has developed the history of many civilizations and changed the history of itself. Digital media brings flexibility with numerous numbers in many fields, it helps also helps
creative individuals/ artists, or designers to execute their critical expression and thinking with a different approach. Digital art becomes very popular within the last two decades around the world. The discipline of professional painting has experienced a revolutionary new development due to the quick growth of computer science and technology. Digital painting art has become the current fad with the
popular art of painting, applied to the general public, in the digital age that serves as today's backdrop and adds new material, expands the larger creative area, and is a new generation of visual art forms.




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