Effective Implementation Of Industry 4.0 And Its Impact On Marketing Performance


  • Nagendra Kumar Sharma
  • Sachin Ghai
  • Daleep Singh Rawat
  • Akhilesh Sharma


Customer loyalty; Customization; Industry 4.0; Marketing performance; Smart Manufacturing


Industry 4.0 (I4.0) is the fourth promising revolution in the history of industrial development and perhaps the most awaited industrial revolution so far. The concrete core of industry 4.0 is the intensive technologies used in manufacturing. These technologies are the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), additive manufacturing and advanced robotics, and many more. The
implementation of industry 4.0 gives strength to quality manufacturing and efficiency. The higher performance of the concept of industry 4.0 is making it popular among developed and developing nations. Many quality research is taking place at every level to explore and reveal the interesting findings of industry 4.0 that can affect the industry and the economy. Additionally, industrialists are
actively engaged in implementing and making a great success to the industry 4.0. However, there is a need for significant research that can focus on the marketing scope with the implementation of industry 4.0. Therefore, in the current research, the endeavor has been put towards understanding the impact of industry 4.0 on marketing performance. The study incorporates a survey-based analysis to test the hypothesis developed in this context. Multiple linear regression has been applied to bring the findings of the study. Effective implementation of industry 4.0 can lead towards marketing performance if it can enhance product customization and increase customer loyalty. It is the main findings of the study.




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