Remedial Approach For Learning English Language & Its Applications


  • Neha Rani
  • Priti Sharma
  • Vinay Devrani
  • Rakesh Chandra Bhadula


English, Grammar, Language, Speaking skills, Teaching style, Communication


English language has become indispensable across the world. In today’s era of globalization and information technology, the ability to converse effectively is the need of the hour for students and professionals as well. It is a matter of great concern that majority of Indian students and professionals fail to make an impact in the global market, mainly because they lack the required linguistic competence. This research paper intends to ascertain the problem areas and suggests remedial approaches to overcome such
a chronically incompetency, in spite of studying from well and known schools. The online survey was prepared, keeping in mind to address the above issues pertaining to English language in various schools and colleges, through a set of relevant questions based on awareness of English language and its applications, with the help of online survey and responses of the students. It is suggested that through the proper teaching methodology to teach English language may certainly help any non native speaker to learn
English language much faster and to have good command over it. For majority of students and professionals, it only becomes a dream or fantasy to learn and speak this language and some take a number of years to learn and still juggle with it. Furthermore, this paper motivates students to learn English language and suggests appropriate tips to learn the language comfortably with a love for this language forever.




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