An Analytical Study On Role Of Women Leaders In Urban Local Governance


  • Dr. Nasra Shabnam


Women Local Leader, Urban Local Governance, Development.


Political empowerment of women is the need of the hour to ensure inclusive growth in contemporary society. Women empowerment in local governance is recognized as an important requisite for the fulfillment of inclusive growth and sustainable development in the country. Decentralized forms of governance are believed to make the process of local democracy more inclusive by creating spaces
for increased participation and wider representation by various marginalized or excluded groups from main stream political processes. Throughout the history, the central role of women in society has ensured the stability, progress and development of nations. India has a federal form of government, with devolved powers. Women’s political participation has emerged as a key element of the political development in India. This paper focuses on the role of women in the urban local governance. The attempt of the paper is to study the attitude of the people towards the women as a leader and to study whether the women local leaders are executing their power and authority and to study whether women leaders are more sensitized towards the needs of women. This Paper also aims to
study the attitude of people towards female local leaders in urban local governance. The data was collected through the primary source. The researchers developed interview schedule and collected data from randomly selected sample and location. The study reveals that women leaders are playing effective role in urban local governance and they shows concerns for inclusive development of the society and they are playing important role for women development.




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