Job Satisfaction Among Military Sector & Private Sector: A Comparative Study


  • Amisha Bisht
  • Shambhavi Negi
  • Prasad Nikumbh


Job satisfaction, Public sector, Private Sector, Employee.


Employee motivation and happiness have always been crucial concerns for any industry. There is a substantial correlation between output and satisfaction, according to theorists like Maslow and Herzberg. The study looked at both the commercial sector and the Indian military forces to see how satisfied people were with their jobs. The goal of this study was to find out how each sector felt about their work, what aspects they were happy with, and what aspects they weren't. This survey included 80 participants, of which 40 provided responses from the business sector and 40 from the military. The Job Satisfaction Scale by B.L. Dubey was used to gather data online through a Google form, and the student's t-test was calculated to assess the data. Regardless of the number of years of service, the study's findings showed that there is no discernible difference in the degree of job satisfaction between personnel in the private and military sectors. However, personnel in the military sector had a higher mean score for job satisfaction than those in the private sector




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