Influence Of Learning Styles On Leadership Styles Among Adults


  • Dr. Priyanka Panwar
  • Poonam Negi
  • Ankit Bhandari


Learning Styles, Leadership Styles, Adults, Democratic, Autocratic


Learning styles could be a set of components, practices and states of mind that encourages learning for a person in a given scenario or environment. Rather than focusing on what individuals learn, learning style focuses on how they learn. Leadership is a skill which is a
very necessary in life and it can be learned and developed with time. The purpose of the current study is to investigate the relationship between learning styles and leadership styles among adults. A total of 60 students (36 females and 24 males) were taken across India,
irrespective of their courses or subjects. The qualitative data was gathered through learning styles inventory (LSI-MK) and leadership preference styles (LPS-BL). The result of the study found that leadership styles and learning styles were positively correlated with each other. And the most preference leadership style among adults was moderate level of leadership style which is neither too democratic nor too autocratic. In the learning styles, the most preferred learning styles were verbal reproducing, figural and reproducing.




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Dr. Priyanka Panwar, Poonam Negi, & Ankit Bhandari. (2023). Influence Of Learning Styles On Leadership Styles Among Adults. Elementary Education Online, 20(4), 4113–4119. Retrieved from




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