Corporate Governance And Leadership In Indian Banking: A Case Of Yes Bank


  • Arvind Mohan
  • Harshit Rathor
  • Dr. Suruchi Sharma


Corporate Governance, India, Yes Bank, Comprehensive Governance Framework (CGF), Banking.


Corporate governance has become a buzzword for policy makers and stakeholders in the recent times. Environment Social and Governance (ESG) framework has further made it relevant. In India several corporate governance committees have been established and several policy initiatives have been taken to enhance the standards of corporate governance. Focus on independent directors has brought a new perspective in the corporate boards. The paper explores the role of leadership, independent directors in corporate governance of Indian banks with reference to Yes Bank. Inputs from published sources are used for the paper. Credit decisions going wrong coupled with low CASA base and aggressive levered growth strategy put Yes Bank in a challenging situation. A comprehensive governance framework (CGF) is needed for making a realistic improvement in the corporate governance standards in India. The paper recommends CGF as a realistic approach for enhancing governance in India.




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