Artificial Intelligence Based Computer Vision For Virtual Fencing Security System


  • Anuj Singh
  • Bhawnesh kumar
  • Upendra singh
  • Pankaj singh
  • Tanmay Anand
  • Dr. Namrata Prakash


Activity detection, Computer Vision, OpenCV, CNN Introduction.


Virtual fences are effective for monitoring people, vehicles, and their movements. Critical infrastructure sectors such as defense bases, emergency services, financial services, food and agriculture can all benefit significantly from the use of virtual fences, whether used independently or as part of a multilayered perimeter security system. Nowadays security systems are in high need, their
importance has been increased in decades. Virtual walls, such as fences, offer a secure boundary without the need for a physical barrier. Critical infrastructure, such as buildings, is protected against incursion. a virtual fence that surrounds their perimeter. Virtual fencing surveillance is one of the important parts of security system for activity or intrusion detection. Computer vision is one the
useful field of Artificial Intelligence. Using this tech, we would solve most of the problems including security surveillance system.




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Anuj Singh, Bhawnesh kumar, Upendra singh, Pankaj singh, Tanmay Anand, & Dr. Namrata Prakash. (2023). Artificial Intelligence Based Computer Vision For Virtual Fencing Security System. Elementary Education Online, 20(4), 3903–3910. Retrieved from




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