An Economic And Environment Study Of Recycling Of Waste Papers Found From Hotels Of Dehradun City


  • Shipra Gupta
  • Vijay Kumar
  • Harendra Singh Negi


Economic and Environment contribution, Recycling of waste papers, Hotels of Dehradun, Air Pollution, Water pollution, Landfill space,


Today, the thinking of paper recycling is our urgent need as we have the limited natural resources. The manufacturing of new papers is done by the wood of green trees. To fulfill the requirement of new papers, the trees have to be cut. These papers are manufacture in paper industries which are responsible for air, water and land pollutions. Recycling of used papers will decrease the demand of new papers and it is also saved the fuel oil, consumption of electricity and water. It also saves the wastage of landfill space and forest areas. In this manuscript, the economic and environmental study has been due to the waste papers obtained from the hotels of
Dehradun city. It is observed that 8.755 tons papers are used by the hotels of Dehradun per day and all these papers are thrown in garbage. This garbage produces a problem for the waste management department. Ifthese waste papers are not thrown in garbage, then direct cost of these waste papers is about 1 lakh only. But if these papers are recycled and converted into the handmade papers, the revenue generation by directly and indirectly in many forms become more than 1 crore. The review of this manuscript represents how recycling can save our environment, forest, and also helpful for our economy. Thus we should aware the people for recycling
of waste papers and also inspire to less use of papers




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Shipra Gupta, Vijay Kumar, & Harendra Singh Negi. (2023). An Economic And Environment Study Of Recycling Of Waste Papers Found From Hotels Of Dehradun City. Elementary Education Online, 20(4), 3837–3851. Retrieved from




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