The Effect Of Profile Error In Tooth Contact Analysis Of Spiral Bevel Gear


  • Sunil Padole
  • Dr. Ravindra Pathak


Peak to Peak to Transmission Error, Profile error, Transmission error, Tooth contact Analysis etc


This paper uses a simulation method to tooth contact analysis in spiral bevel gear. Transmission error at different value of profile error condition are investigated in gear working. Geometric modelling contains number teeth of pinion and gear is 13 and 50. The module of gear is 5. Transmission error is key factor for making noise in gearbox. Experimental Analysis has been performed at particular load. The experimental contact pattern compare with simulation result shows well agreement. The Peak to Peak Transmission Error is directly proportional to the value of profile Crowning used in the modification of geometric design of pinion and gear. The profile
crowning value is increased; it’s found more elongated elliptical shape area of contact pattern. Minimum Peak to Peak Transmission Error is 1.40µm with modification of Profile Crowning 15 µm in Pinion and Profile Crowning 15µm in Gear at Load 268Nm.In this research, the methods of simulation have been developed for tooth contact analysis of a spiral bevel gear with profile error
using KISSsoft Software




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