Women Entrepreneurship In India: Role And Challenges




Entrepreneur, Role, Economy uncertainty.


Community of women although men are equal in the population. Worryingly, in this complex modern world, she is seen as a second citizen or subordinate to men. Although various efforts are being made to improve the status of women. Women have not reached
the highest level of use and are still backward. In most countries, governments have special provisions for women's development and efforts are made to make the best use of women's talents. Women have not made good use of the special arrangements and
facilities available to them in the business field. We see a shortage of effective female entrepreneurs. Now is the time to awaken the community of women about the opportunities available to them to develop their talents and serve society, which can be
the cause of the rapid development of the nation. As now in this modern world, wherever the cost of living increases, women become necessary to carry out economic activities and support their families. Now, society's attitudes have also changed and working
women are no longer viewed with suspicion. Now she is more free and the modern woman leads a very happy life with the support of her husband and family in her economic activity. In this paper, an attempt was made to study the role. Trending issues
faced by female entrepreneurs. In addition, it discusses the support provided to femal entrepreneurs. The remedy was also discussed.




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