A Study On Customer Satisfaction Towards Seafoods In Thoothukudi City


  • V.Radhakrishnan
  • Dr.A.M.Tony Melwyn


Consumer orientation- global market- healthy- natural- industry


Consumer direction is an essential drive for achievement in any business enterprise. Every industry needs to fulfill its consumer preferences to sustain in the industry for a long run and to succeed. So is with fish industry. Seafood has always been considered as
an important part of diet among human beings in most parts of the world. The consumption of fish was prevailing since the existence of human beings on earth. In the global market fish consumption is more than 155 million tons. Mostly, customers today
prefer healthy and organic foods. Fishes raise in natural surroundings tend to be more strong, delicious and nutritious to human health. Of late, fish and many other fish products are becoming the most preferable no vegetarian foods among the people of
Tamilnadu. Since aquaculture is believed to offer good scope in the market, the state government of Tamilnadu is creating a good platform for further increasing the market margins for fish industry




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