India-Pak Partition Of 1947: An Overview Through The Lens Of Literature


  • Dr. Yogesh M. Sarode


Partition, Tragedy, Ethos, Pathos, Utopia, Independence.


Partition of India in August 1947 is result of the political and social process, which begins in 1857 when first war of Independence breaks out against British colonial rule. It is the rise of communal and sectional organizations which transforms the course of events to such a degree that instead of India attaining true freedom from British colonialism, it becomes the victim of machinations of colonial power, as well as that of the communal organizations. These unwanted and unexpected events divide Indian people on the sectarian and religious grounds. Hence through this paper, an effort has been done to focus on various aspects of human life during partition. At the same time, it throws light on the causes and effects of partition that affects the Indian life and makes them Muhajir living faithless life.




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