Digital Initiatives: A Holistic Approach Towards Higher Education


  • Shalini
  • Dinesh Kumar


Digital Initiatives, MOOC, Blended learning, Open Education Resources


Online education is the need of the hour. Improved internationalisation and student mobility, as well as increased access to online and blended learning, have all contributed to significant advancements in higher education in recent years. All of these issues
highlight the importance of governments and organisations taking innovative approaches to improve and ensure quality, equity, and access. MOOCs in particular, as well as online learning in general, offer enormous potential since they give new avenues to higher
education while also broadening lifetime learning opportunities. It also offers a number of options for people and organisations looking to save money on education. In this article an attempt has been made by the investigator to acquaint the readers for various digital initiatives taken by central and state governments in India. This paper will include all pertinent information about the various initiatives and will assist higher education institutions in implementing these projects in order to improve learning outcomes.




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