Constituting Administrative Adeptness And Productiveness In Basic Education


  • Margarito Balag Callao
  • Cindy Cotillas Muñez


Constituting Administrative Adeptness and Productiveness Administrative Skills Job Performance Complementation Goal


The main objective of the study was to look into the level of administrative skills and job performance of the elementary school administrators at Baybay City Division during School Year 2017- 2018 as a basis for the completion of a complementation
goal. Results showed that for conceptual, human, and technical administrative skills, administrators had “Acquired the skills”. These showed that the Elementary School Administrators in Baybay City Division have acquired the necessary technical administrative skills necessary to become a leader and a manager in a public school. On the other hand, the level of job performance among elementary school administrators had mean scores that showed ‘very satisfactory’ job performance. Moreover, the administrative skills of these respondents were not significantly related to their job performance. Likewise, thirteen themes were identified as the best practices among them. Finally, it was recommended to make a complementation goal for school administrators in Baybay City Division and must be adapted for implementation.




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