Certifying Smaw Competency Among Senior High


  • Margarito Balag Callao
  • Glecerio L. Tomarong


SMAW instruction Academic performance Descriptive research Shielded Metal Arc Welding instruction


This research assessed the factors affecting Shielded Metal Arc Welding instruction among grade 12 students of Luray II National High School of Toledo City Division. This research employed a descriptive research design. A modified survey questionnaire was utilized to gather data. Three types of factors such as tools and equipment interpreted as often extensive, parental involvement interpreted as
moderate extent, and appropriate activities interpreted as often extensive were observed to have an impact on the academic performance. The results were significant because these will be used by school administrators as bases in designing
and implementing a teaching-learning guide geared towards the improvement of the academic performance of the students. It was recommended that the spouse and other members of the family with employable age must engage in cottage industries
to earn an additional living. Through the help of the city government of Toledo city, the school should purchase a transformer welding shop should conform to the standard dimension of the building. the School should buy standard tools and materials to be used during their workshop, “fabrication” activities in school assigned to them should be minimal, other subjects should have a separate time in their culminating activities and not during a regular class session.




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Margarito Balag Callao, & Glecerio L. Tomarong. (2023). Certifying Smaw Competency Among Senior High. Elementary Education Online, 20(4), 3410–3425. Retrieved from https://ilkogretim-online.org/index.php/pub/article/view/3577




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