The Remarkable Political Influence Of The Indian Diaspora In Singapore


  • Narmadha Muthu
  • Dr. Neelam Pandey


Bilateral Relations, India and Singapore Politics, Policies.


The notion of Diaspora is variedly used in many streams of political science research. The present article attempts to analyse the remarkable political influence of the Indian Diaspora in Singapore and to analyse the political participation of the Indian Diaspora. The
article's main objective is to discuss the aftermath of the visit of Narendra Modi to Singapore and analyze India and Singapore's political perspectives for bilateral relations. On analysing the existing research on defining the idea of the political perspectives
gathered from Suranjan Das and Subhadeep Bhattacharya article "INDIA AND SINGAPORE: FIFTY YEARS OF DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS." The article demonstrates the political exchanges based on Defence Cooperation, Trade and Investment, Air transport and
Maritime Cooperation, Smart City development, Skill Development, Science, Technology and Research Innovation, Legal, Judicial, Financial and Parliamentary Cooperation. The article concludes that the Indian Diaspora plays a crucial role in politics and both the
governments developed economically and financially through political influence.




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